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Doubleclick for publishers training – Doubleclick for publishers demo

Doubleclick for publishers training – Doubleclick for publishers demo If you are an online publisher, it can quickly become a complicated and inefficient process to constantly place ads manually, for your advertisers. It’s not only time consuming, but it becomes difficult to manage and report results to the advertisers. Ad servers can be a powerful solution to this problem. With the right ad server, you can automate the whole process and develop a profitable system that does most of the work for you.

What is an Ad Server?

An ad server is a service/application that depending upon its instructions, places targeted advertisements on your website(s). It can also take care of Inventory Management as well as reporting to your Advertisers. This technology uses a web server that stores various types of ads and matches relevant ads to the interests and online behavior of website visitors.

Ad servers are the reason that you often see ads related to your recent web searches when you browse different websites. The algorithms behind ad servers are updated constantly so that you are always seeing the most relevant ads. As an advertiser, it’s far more effective to execute targeted advertising campaigns. With ad servers, you are placing ads in front of the most targeted audience. This allows you to get the maximum value from your advertising budget.]]>

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